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Go with your Talent @ Twente University

22 November 2017

We all have talents, but we don't always know what they are. As a result, talent is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp - but one that we need to understand if we are to make the most of our lives.

On November 22nd, Bekader, Stress and the University of Twente will host a workshop ‘Go with your Talent’ to help you to search for your talent and will allow you to make the right choices once you have found it.

Key note speaker is Luk de Wulf, a talent and burn-out coach and frequent key-note speaker on these topics. He will speak about how you can recognize it, and how you can develop it. He’ll talk about what happens under stress. How people exaggerate their talent, and how they can develop skills to use their talent more effectively. Of course, also, how to handle your weaknesses is part of his story. 

The week before the workshop, all participants will be invited to do a Talent Builder test to ensure you get the most out of the workshop.

For more information, check out his recent TEDx speech at

After the workshop, all participants are invited for a tour through the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM). It offers the latest state of the art simulation technology for research, development and the education of students and professionals in health care. It is used as a large high-tech and safe learning space in which the authentic professional environment is simulated.

The workshop will take place on the University of Twente. The program will be as follows:
- 15.45: Start
- 16.00: Workshop ‘Go with your Talent’
- 17.15: Tour through the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine (ECTM)
- 18.00: Drinks
- 19.00: Dinner

The workshop will take place in the Amphi Theather at the University of Twente, the workshop will be in English. The subscription deadline is November 12th. Please subscribe using the form below.

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