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The alumni association Bekader: an introduction

Bekader is the association for alumni of the studies (International) Business Administration and Industrial Engineering & Management of the School of Management & Governance (SMG) of the University of Twente (*). The association was founded in 1983 and has approximately 650 members. SMG covers the fields of Business Administration, Public Administration, European Studies, Health Science and Industrial Engineering & Management. Within all these areas Bachelor and Master studies are offered, post-graduate education is available, and multi-disciplinary research is done in important societal areas. Bekader is a network association and has as main aim to strengthen the connection between fellow graduates, and maintain their connection with the faculty.

(*) Actually it is: the association for the alumni of the ‘afdeling Bedrijfskunde’ of the ‘Technische Hogeschool Twente’ (THT), which was later renamed to the department ‘Technische bedrijfskunde’ of the THT, and later to the ‘faculteit (Technische) bedrijfskunde’ of the University of Twente, since September 2003 the ‘studierichting (Technische) bedrijfskunde’ of the faculty ‘Bedrijf, bestuur en tochnologie’ and in 2007 to ‘studierichting (Technische) bedrijfskunde’ of the School of Management and Governance.

Aim and activities: networking

Bekader organizes network events concerning specific themes, lectures with a business administration topic, company visits and ‘social events’. The activities often take place in central parts of the Netherlands for all members to easily be able to reach them.

Besides the abovementioned events, Bekader occasionally publishes a Bekader Yearbook in which all Bekader members and ex-students are captured. Furthermore, the Bekader thesis prize is regularly awarded by a jury to the best rated thesis of the study Industrial Engineering & Management during the previous Bekader board year.

All in all, Bekader is an active association at which you could: extend your recently graduated knowledge in various fields, meet your fellow study mates again, and once in a while relive memories from the study. Moreover, Bekader offers you many opportunities to build, maintain and strengthen social and professional networks.


Communication with the members

In an active and dynamic network, communication is crucial. The board of Bekader actively uses several communication channels which are available to all members. To announce activities the Bekader website will be used. Besides, all members receive a tangible newsletter with announcements, and also all of these are posted in the Bekader LinkedIn group. Moreover, occasionally a digital newsletter is sent with the most up-to-date information about upcoming activities, news and questions. In case your e-mail address familiar to Bekader is outdated, you could send an e-mail with your current e-mail address to



Alumni association Bekader is accessible for all alumni with a bachelor degree in business administration or industrial engineering & management of the University of Twente. At the General Members Assemnbly on the 17th of June, 2013, has been decided that new members receive a free membership for the first two years after graduation, Moreover, alumni who have received their bachelor degree in business administration or industrial engineering & management in 2011 or after or after will automatically be registered as a member of Bekader, without any steps from their side. After this ‘trial period’ they will receive a message that their free membership has finished and they will need to pay an annual membership fee to stay a member. In case the member does not want to stay a member or does not respond, that person will automatically be unsubscribed as a member. The alumni, who graduated before 2011 and did not automatically become a member, could of course subscribe via the button ‘subscribe’ on the top of this page. For both groups of alumni: the membership is free during the first two years, regardless if you become an alumnus before or after 2011. After this, the membership fee contains €25 per year (or €30 in case no authorization rights are given for automatic payment).


The Board

Since the General Members Assembly of the 24th of June, 2015 the board consists of Danny Kappen (chairman and secretary) and Kirsten van der Reest (treasurer).


Get in touch with us

For more information, send an e-mail to: or contact any of the board members:

Danny Kappen (chairman):

Kirsten van der Reest (treasurer):